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    What a difference some context makes – Part 1

    At Elemental, one of our taglines is “Setting dreams in stone.” The right choice of stone matters, but it’s not everything. Design for a fireplace, water feature, planter, or poolside stonescape needs to take into account a number of other important considerations including the lifestyle and aesthetic of the client and the budget. However, the importance of site setting cannot be overstated, either.

    To illustrate this point, we will pull together a small selection of photos from some of our projects that include the surrounding landscape and structures. Following is the first installment, and as you will see, context matters.

    At this Bonita Springs residence, the resident in question is also a home designer. For his own pad, he drew on a Balinese influence that capitalizes on strong, dark wood elements and seamless picture windows.

    Right from the front door, one can see this home is special. In a nondescript residential neighborhood, here is a home featuring strong, contrasting shapes and colors. Inside, the rooms are richly and elegantly appointed, but the two wings of bedrooms and a central kitchen/living area wrap around a courtyard garden that is really the heart of the home. Here, the homeowner enjoys working on plans, entertaining, or simply relaxing.

    The pagoda structure recalls the shapes of the pillars at the home’s entrance, so the design is united. There’s even a comfortable futon that’s a perfect place to grab a nap. What better way to relax than to be lulled into a dream by the soothing sounds of twin waterfalls trickling into a gleaming pool?

    No detail was left out in this design. Even the ground orchids elevate the space into something bordering on sacred. What do your dreams look like?

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  1. What a great backyard setting… we all want one of those!

  2. Sara says:

    As they all are, this project is a pure expression of the homeowner’s personality. We were honored to help bring his vision into being. Thanks for the comment, Michele!

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