Elemental Stone and Waterworks, Inc.

Stonework, water features, rainwater harvesting

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Flagstone Fireplace

This fireplace doubles as an entertainment center, replete with a flat-screen TV. It also has a secret.

Paradise Transformed

Hurricane Charley ravaged this property, creating an opportunity for a long-awaited radical makeover

Old Florida Oasis

The water garden sits at the heart of an 11-acre property. Such a large spread can benefit from a little definition.

Other projects

Elemental Stone and Waterworks, Setting dreams in stone - what do YOUR dreams look like?

We have been so pleased with the pond you designed for us. Your choice of rocks continues to amaze us, with the various shapes and colors you have selected. We know that each of your clients will be every bit as satisfied as we are. - Bill and Gillian Wigdale